Friday, January 3, 2014

New in: Chrsitmas presents

Hi guys! I promised this yesterday and I decided to do this post quickly when I still bear it in mind because if I postponed it, I would never do it.

I spent Christmas with my mom and sister and it was the best and most relaxed Christmas Eve I have ever experienced (In Czech Republic, we celebrate only the Christmas Eve and get presents in the evening  - on Christmas Day, we usually just visit our families without any more celebrations) . I wanted to make a post about our Christmas but I ended up not having enough pictures so here, have at least a Christmassy picture of me and my sis

And this is a peek into what I got for Christmas.

The cutest mug ever I got from my grandma - an ideal Christmas present for a lolita, don't you think?
The perfume is from my dad. I always let my dad buy perfumes for me because honestly, he has the best taste in them.
Funny batman glasses from my friend Betty. She told me she was worried that I wouldn't like it but actually, I like this kind of presents the most - silly cute things you wouldn't even think of buying yourself.

I always wish for clothes but paradoxically, I never get clothes because everyone is either scared I wouldn't like what I got or they think that my taste in fashion is shit. So in terms of clothing, I only got these two items. I have wanted that winged backpack for so long! I can't wait to wear it but unfortunately, I can't now because it looks silly with my rather elegant winter coat. The skirt is, as expected, too short on me, but hey, I don't really care as long as it's cute. Ideal for gyaru-like coords.

I wished for AC4 even though I have never played Assassin's Creed before, simply because I love everything pirate-themed. I was really happy when I found it under the Christmas tree and even happier when I managed to run it on my PC.

The book is from my mom. It's called "He's back" in English and yes, it is about Hitler, more specifically about Hitler living in modern days. It's supposed to be some kind of satire and reflection upon today's world. I'm only at the beginning but so far it's hilarious.

A giant Arpakasso plush! I already have a little pink one, so now I got him a big brother. Can't wait to take some cute pics with it! :D

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I got a few more things, like a voucher for craft supplies which is a yay because it means cosplay stuff, but they aren't that interesting to take pictures of. Overall, I'm really happy with what I got!

And what did you guys get for Christmas? Tell me in comments below!


  1. O té knize jsem nedávno přemýšlela, ale ještě to nikdo z mých známých nečetl a nechci kupovat zajíce v pytli. :D Ha, pirátské Assassin's Creed mě strašně láká, ale také jsem to nikdy předtím nehrála, navíc to asi stejně není nejlepší nápad před maturitou.. :D Máš jinak fakt pěkné dárky, těším se na ten baťůžek v outfitech. n_n

    1. Před maturitou to rozhodně není nejlepší nápad, asi tak blbý jako těsně před deadlinem seminárky začít hrát Lolko ale co už :D
      CO se knihy týče, já ti klidně poreferuju až to přečtu xD zatím to vypadá vtipně ale někdo mi myslím říkal že to není nic moc tak uvidíme ;D

  2. Ten hrníček je moc pěkný, jinak závidím Alpacu! ♥

  3. Á "už je tady zas" bych si hrozně chtěla přečíst,to ti závidím

  4. Ten batůžek s křídly! ♡♡♡ a ta sukně... x3
    Všechno je moc krásné! ♡

    1. ten batůžek je nejlepší věc na světě, protože ta křídla jsou odepínací obměnitelná - můžeš tam dát tři různě barevné páry křídel třemi různými způsoby xD

  5. i was your 200th follower haha :) btw i love that skirt, it's so cute ♡

    1. yay! thank you for following me!! *-*

  6. Lovely skirt and I love that book :)
    Maybe we can follow each other?

    1. sure we can!
      i left a comment on your blog :3

  7. lovely things <3
    what about follow each other?
    Let me know :)
    Have a wonderful week-end <3

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  8. awwh lovely time to spent your christmas ( :
    if the skirt is too short for you , there's always nice black legging to wear it underneath it ( :

    do hope we can follow each other pretty ( :

  9. your stuffs are so cute. love your blog <3

    have a good year ahead!

  10. What a cute batman frame! I need one of those!!


  11. ten batoh!*p*
    a AC! aww.. to ti závidim.. já musim mít furt jen nějaká cracklý verze :'D
    sakra.. závidim ti ty věcii :D

  12. thanks for follow me sweetie <3
    follow you back now <3
    wanna follow each other also on Lookbook and facebook?
    let me know!
    have a nice sunday <3

  13. WOwwwww what a great list of christmas presents!! OK my fave has to be the ALPACA PLUSHY!!! they're just soooooo cute and they always make me smile when i look at them ahahahahaah <3 I've just followed you via GFC, looking forward to your next post love!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | My Naked Look!

  14. Your gifts are too cute. Would you like to follow each other?

  15. Až dočteš knížku dej mi prosím vědět, jaká byla... už delší dobu po ní koukám, ráda bych si ji přečetla... :D
    Jinak samozřejmě tvé dárky jsou cool & stylish :D

  16. wow! those are great christmas presents! specially the mug!


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