Saturday, April 19, 2014

GEO Angel Green Lens review [sponsored by Lensvillage]

Hi everyone!

Today I'll be reviewing my new circle lenses as well as the store who kindly sent them to me,

Lensvillage is a Korean circle lenses reseller. They carry up to 8 brands and about 600 models of circle lenses of various colors, styles and prescriptions. Check out their website for more!

They kindly agreed to sponsor me with a pair of lenses of my choice. I chose GEO Angel lenses in Green. I already had a good experience with GEO Medical in the form of my first pair of lenses. The communication with the seller was really pleasant, they were very nice and helpful!

My package arrived after three weeks and a couple of days, which is pretty much a standard Asia-Europe delivery time. The lenses came nicely and safely packed, along with a free, randomly picked circle lens case (this time I got elephants, yay! my favorite animals~). Like all GEO lenses, they came with an anti-fake number, so I could verify their authenticity online.

The diameter of these lenses is only 14,2 mm, which is fairly small for circle lenses, but despite of that, the enlargement effect is still huge. It is because of the dark circle - lenses which have it make your eyes look bigger than the lenses that do not have one. They also seem to be very light colored with a dark circle, but on my eyes, they look dark, even though my natural eye color is light green.

The color of these lenses does not blend with the color of your eyes, it forms a dark circle around your pupil instead, so I wouldn't recommend them to people whose eye color is very different from this one (for example blue).

These lenses are really comfortable. I could wear them all day like my regular lenses without feeling any sign of discomfort.

These lenses are 10/10 for me! Make sure to check them and many other styles at LENSVILLAGE.COM. And there will be a giveaway in cooperation with this website really soon so stay tuned!

Love you all!
Stella <3


    1. Wow, very nice! I like how they are small and actually looks bigger! I need new lenses, thanks for the review!

      1. you're welcome, I'm glad it was helpful :))

    2. OMGOSH your eyes are absolutely amazing :3 So cute and big :) and the green with your hair color is perfect!!! =^____^=

      xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

    3. To je ale úplně psychedelické! Vážně! Taky si takovou psychedelii musím někdy pořídit!

    4. Tyhle ti sedí víc jak ty hnědý :)) dobrá volba :))

    5. Wow, ty jsou perfektní! Ta barva ti fakt sedne a ani nevypadají nijak extra creepy.

      BTW, nominovala jsem tě na sunshine blogger award:

    6. Looks so gorgeous with green lenses!


    7. Great post
      Amazing blog

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    8. Pěknýýýý. Jsem vždycky chtěla zelené oči ♥
      Já bych si stejně bála dát si čočky :D

      (jsem tě nominovala žraloku )

    9. The lenses look good on you! its quite like your natural eye color which is green too.
      followed you via GFC (but my pic isnt showing up so its probably in the last page)

      Have a nice day pretty,

    10. I love these lenses. I'd like something similar.
      Now days i use a grey pair of lenses but it's a bit boring now. xD I love your post.
      Bai, Shiki


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