Wednesday, April 9, 2014

survived sharknado

I'm so in love with this sweatshirt, I don't think I'm ever gonna take it off. Shark is definitely my spirit animal.

This is outfit I wore yesterday to school and more importantly, to play laser tag with a couple of friends. They opened a new laser tag arena in my city and it's still not working perfectly, so the prices are really low right now. It was the 1st time I played it and I had so much fun! 

I also visited a game/youtube festival called 4FANS last weekend, I was there as a guest with other members of our League of Legends cosplay group and it was really cool. Check out my facebook page for pitctures & more.

There is only a month and a few days left till my graduation and I'm starting to freak out. I will try to be active here on my blog as much as I can, but sadly, I can't really promise anything. Studying is in the 1st place, at least it should be :D


  1. awwww taky jsem na tuhle mikču koukala a přemýšlela o ní. Nakonec si asi vystačím s mojí starou se vzorem vitrážového okna, protože prostě penízky nejsou. Ale tobě moc sluší.

  2. Oh love your hat! Great outfit you look so pretty! ❤️


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